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Can I use Brazilian Keratin After hair coloring?

Can I use Brazilian Keratin After hair coloring? and more!

The use of Brazilian Keratin Treatment is indispensable for the ones that wishes to reduce hair volume, get it straight and remove frizz. 

Numerous questions remain: is the process safe? Can be applied to any type of hair? Can pregnant women use? How long does the effect last?

At the moment we separated some questions and let’s talk a little about that

Many women believe the use of Brazilian Keratin treatment it is not indicated after the coloring process. The process doesn't affect the hair structure nor the hair fiber, process of the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment would only improve the effect of coloring process. 

Now does the (Escova Progressiva )or Brazilian Blowout and Brazilian Keratin, discolored hair color or distone it, specially on blond hair making it yellow? That is a case to be careful and make always a pre test on a trend of hair before any application and also always on that type of hair use the flat iron with the temperature of 380F and in this case flat iron more times and reduce the time of living the product on the hair.

What about the red hair? is the process the same?

In this case the problem its not the Brazilian Keratin its self the problem but the Deep Cleanse Shampoo, that can dis-tone two points.

Once we are talking about coloring, here is a tip! It’s recommended to color the hair before the use of the Brazilian Keratin, or Brazilian Blowout or any Smoothing Hair Treatment. For the reason that hair cuticles would be more open the hair straightening product would be absorbed better by hair trends.

Another constant doubt its for how long the treatment results remain on hair, and if its really necessary to wash hair right after the treatment.

The answer about how long will the effect be notice on hair, it depends from hair to hair and person to person. Depends how many times per week hair is washed, depend on contact with salt water, water from water softeners that uses salt, pools water with chlorine or salt, all that would help wash away the keratin out the hair, but in average a good 90 to 120 days would be a good answer. In reference to wash hair after the application the answer is YES its mandatory, considering if the product stays on hair for a long period would make hair dry, weakening hair treads and that is no good.

If you know the treatment to be used does have formaldehyde on it, do not take chances on using in children, or someone that is pregnant even if the percentage of formaldehyde is very low. Always safe comes first. Although there is many products that states to be safe for application in children and pregnant women, its recommended always to talk to a doctor first of taking any chance. 

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